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Shri Jagadguru Gavisiddheshwara Ayurvedic Medical college

Background of SJGAMC


Brief Introduction of Samsthan Shree Gavimath Koppal.

Shree Samsthan Gavimath is situated on a rocky hill to the east of Koppal. Shree Gavimath has a glorious history of more than a thousand years and has been upholding the values that are of eternal bliss to humanity. The galaxy of Peethadhipatis has raised the spiritual status of Shree Gavimath by dedication to the noble service of mankind. Their unique contribution in the form of Trividha Dasoha [ Anna, Jnana and Adhaytma] has won the heart and devotion of all the disciplines. In addition, their contributions to the Ayurveda field are simply laudable. In fact, Shree Gavimath and its Holy Peethadipathis have associated themselves with the rejuvenation of the Ayurveda system in this area. The honour of raising the glory of Ayurveda system to its current status goes to the late Peethadhipatis. The noble mission of Gavimatha is to propagate and popularize Ayurveda system. The long cherished desire of the previous Peethadhapti Shree Shivashantaveer Mahaswamji to establish a well-equipped Ayurveda educational institution and to promote the institution to the status of the university is being realized in the form off Shree Gavisiddheshwara Ayurveda medical college, Hospital & Research Centre. Present Poojya Swamiji is striving hard to shape the institution into a model and an ideal one in accordance with the norms of NCISM. It is well equipped with all essential requirements of a model Ayurveda College & hospital. The S.G.V.V. Trust is also running several other institutions to cater to the educational needs of local people.

The doors of Shree Gavimath are open to all classes of people the beneficiaries belong to all sections of society and religion. The many ongoing projects need the wholehearted support of the public. The selfless dedication of present Peethadhipathi H.H Shree Gavisiddheshwara Swamiji and his associates is worthy and respected by one and all.

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